EZ1 – Solenoid Controlled Auto Drain

Installing an automatic tank drain can have multiple benefits.

Its function is to discharge air from a pressurised air tank for a pre-set amount of time, at pre-set intervals.

By doing this, any condensate in the tank is discharged with each burst of air, keeping the tank moisture free and avoiding internal corrosion. This also avoids rust particles being passed through any filtration devices, meaning longer lasting tanks & filters, with less maintenance and no manual draining of the tank required, in turn supplying a better quality, cleaner & drier air to the tools or equipment being used, extending its service life.

Auto Drains are suitable for any stationary compressor, dryer, filter or stand alone air receivers, regardless of its size or capacity.

Discharge duration and interval timing is dependant on the component it is installed on, as well as its location, climate and general environment.

For assistance with the Auto Drains settings and maintenance, please see the Basic Operation Instructions.