Air Compressors and parts built in Melbourne, Australia

McMillan continues to this day the long history of assembling air compressors and parts in Melbourne, Australia, started in 1954 by the three McMillan brothers with a factory in Huntingdale, Vic.

The first compressors manufactured were for farmers for jetting and de-ticking of sheep. Due to expansion, in the early 60s production was moved to a large site on Warrigal Rd Moorabbin. In 1971 Mr Bruce Baker purchased the air compressor company from the McMillans. Under this new management the business expanded rapidly. With this expansion came the need for larger capacity air compressor pumps and a more extensive range of pumps than the three original models manufactured by McMillan, so in 1973 the company added the Fu Sheng air compressor pumps, which continues to this day.

In 1983 a new method of constructing single stage and two stage high pressure air compressor pumps in aluminium was perfected by Antonio Balma of ABAC Air Compressors in Turin, Italy and McMillan added these pumps to their range.

By the late 1980s McMillan were making in excess of 1000 air compressors per month. During the 80s McMillan diversified into making pressure vessels for air and LPG and built a dedicated tank plant in Echuca. In 1991 this pressure vessel plant was sold to an American company, Manchester Tank Co.

Andrew and Guy Baker have continued running McMillan as a family company. Andrew joined McMillan in 1972, with Guy joining shortly after in 1974. Simon Baker joined the company in 1976.

The Baker family continue this Melbourne based tradition of sourcing the best components available and assembling air compressors and parts designed for industrial use, reliable service and long life.

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