Custom Builds Update #MCP52

Custom Builds Update #MCP52

By way of this update, we would like to advise that we have recently ‘special built’ a large petrol driven compressor using the substantial Fu Sheng toiler – the TA100 pump. If you find this of interest or require something similar we are always ready to tailor our range of compressor packages to customer-specific needs.

Producing a massive free air delivery of 42.5cfm and 10bar working pressure MCP52 is an impressive contender in the heavy-weight engine powered division. The MCP52 buildup is an extremely durable, high airflow option at the top end of our Honda petrol powered offerings. Due to our large range of Australian built compressors, McMillan Air Compressors is able to custom build many variants of our standard ranges.

Manufactured in Australia, with high quality international and local components, this build is rated to AS4637 and carries Australian tank design approval AS1210.


McMillan offers a 3 year pump warranty on the 'bulletproof' TA100 pump and 5 years on the 300l tank, while Honda's national service network covers the stout GX390 engine with a 3 year warranty.

TA100 is also available powered by the TECO 10HP electric motor as model MSC52.

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