Quality Costs Less

Have you ever considered the cost of low quality, cheaper equipment?

“Cost” can be measured not only by the purchase price, but the overall cost to you and your business for the lifetime of the equipment.

For example; the capitol equipment cost is often perceived as the “total cost” however especially for cheaper equipment, this can most certainly not be the case.

The compressed air system is a vital part of many workshops, the so-called “heart”. Without it, most workshops cannot operate efficiently, if at all.

If the compressor (the heart) fails, the workshops operation is compromised, and can then be a costly exercise to any operation.

Whilst there is no air being produced, productivity is being affected when staff and equipment cannot operate, reflecting in a downturn that affects the businesses bottom line – not to mention the repair or replacement costs, which often grossly outweighs the initial cost difference of a quality air compressor.

That’s why at McMillan, we believe that “Quality Costs Less”

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