Cool Series – Refrigerated Air Dryers

Clean, dry air and why you need it.

Compressed air leaving the air compressor is seldom of a quality suitable for the intended use.
This is due to several factors:

  • Atmospheric air, especially in an industrial environment, contains particulate matter, moisture and
    hydrocarbons, which are not removed by the compressor’s inlet filter.
  • The air compressor itself will contribute contaminants in the form of wear particles, compressor oil
    carry-over, and rust from the tank.
  • Cooling, after the air is compressed, results in condensation. This moisture has a harmful effect on
    pneumatic equipment and manufacturing processes.

So by fitting a refrigerated air dryer and filters to the air system, the correct grade of air quality is supplied
to equipment and processes downstream of the compressor and the result is improved production
efficiency and product quality. This will save money by reducing reworking and the downtime of equipment.

Dryer Features

  • Remove water contamination from your air system
  • Timer drain ensures effective purging of condensate
  • Simple low maintenance technology
  • Easy to install
  • Compact design does not require much space
  • Low power consumption
  • Dew point indicator to check operation
  • Increased final product quality
  • Increased productivity
  • 12 month warranty

Filter Features

  • Unique head design reduces pressure drop
  • Ribbed bowl allows firm grip for dismantling, to access the element
  • Corrosion free housing due to anodised die cast aluminium
  • Sight glass for monitoring of condensate
  • High performance auto drains
  • A venting hole will give an audible alarm if filter is dismantled under pressure
Product Code Drying Capacity Connection Pre filter Post filter Suits air compressor
  CFM L/min        
Cool 21 12.4 350 1/2" BSP G45 C45 up to 3HP
Cool 36 21.2 600 1/2" BSP G45 C45 4HP to 7.5HP
Cool 72 42.4 1200 1/2" BSP G90 C90 7.5HP to 10HP
Cool 110 64.4 1825 1/2" BSP G125 C125 15HP
Weight Dimensions
Kgs Width Length Height
19 559 223 561
19 559 233 561
20 559 233 561
25 559 233 561